Should I Pack Now?

Life has really gotten boring. Last night I watched Idol, tracked packages, and watched my MIL eat left over Christmas chocolates the whole two hours. A solid evening, huh?

I’m dying to drag down the suitcase and begin packing, but I know my clothes will end up dusty and wrinkled if I start now. I have decided what to take and plan to go minimal.

I wonder what a nudist takes to a nudist resort. I guess you could wear back what you wore down and just go natural in between. I can’t imagine. I would be spraying a lot of Lysol around. That’s it. A nudist would take some flip flops and a can of Lysol.

Taking my golf clubs is still up in the air. I’m the only one in our group that plays. Dragging the clubs down 2000 miles just for a single game is cumbersome.

See how boring my life is right now? I’m down to verbalizing thoughts.