A Vacation Moment…….

The flight down to St Croix is fun. On the plane Judy and I may calmly glance at each other a few times and smile, but inside we are about to burst with the excitement of a 4 year old on Christmas morning.

After flying over water for a few hours you start to see a few lush green islands, then suddenly you bank hard left and descend to the runway.

I love the St Croix Airport. I like looking out of the plane window and seeing green everywhere with the trees waving in the constant breezes.

Went you arrive you have to walk down steps from the plane to the tarmac and walk to the terminal. I mentally pretend I am the President deplaning at a campaign stop as I walk down the stairs. I pretend I am waving to an adoring crowd.

Sometimes you have to wait while the other plane next to you is using the only set of stairs at the airport. This seems crazy to me but it is part of the island charm. One set of stairs for two arriving flights within 10 minutes?

As you leave the tarmac a local agent waves you to a set of doors where you dump out at the front of the airport. You never actually enter the building; you just pass through some glass security doors.

By now the warm air and tropical breezes have embraced your body and you can feel everything changing for the good. You see happy faces, confused faces; vendors, cabbies and car rental people hold signs. I look for my name.

For the first time I converse with someone whose accent sounds like music to my ears. I’m back. They always laugh at my last name.

Meanwhile you move to the luggage area where for the first time in months you sweat with no effort. It is always stuffy at the open air baggage claim. But before you enter baggage claim there is a stand with the most delicious rum punch and it is free. A donation is requested and I actually think it is the local Boy Scout Troop sponsoring the rum punch.

After a while….or sometimes a long while…you luggage appears, you load the jeep and make your way across the island to your home for the next week.

Remember to drive left!


Anonymous said...

Great descriptions!
I start having fun in the Charlotte airport. Just knowing the whole trip is finally underway!

Gigi said...

Me too Judy!!Once I'm all checked in & waitin' for the plane to board I'm already on Vacation & can feel the warmth on my face : )!I can't wait!!! I feel so lucky!If I could get all my animals down w/me I would NEVER come back to the Mainland!