Let The Good Times Roll!

The banter with my sister has started. It is 30 days until we travel to St Croix. Judy and I will work ourselves up to a frenzy discussing the fun we will have.

I ordered a new pair of Sperry boat shoes and sunglasses just last night. In a few days I’ll activate the old Earthlink dialup account so I can blog and post pictures.

We talk about getting off the plane and feeling the warm moist air. We talk about how fun it is to see all the happy people arriving. We are greeted with a free rum punch at the luggage area. The ladies wait for the luggage while the men get the jeep and tear the top off.

We talk about relaxing by the pool and watching the sun go down.

We talk about fun we have had in past years and the fun we anticipate.

So to you Judy….let the banter continue!


Anonymous said...

I love this post!! We have so much fun there! It is so relaxing, perfect weather and such beautiful surroundings. There is just something magical about St. Croix. Everything is better there. Nice locals, good food, great shopping.... I could go on and on.
When we get there we will unpack and probably have drinks by the pool and maybe go to Cheesburgers for dinner Or that place we liked so much last year on the water. The Mix?
I can hardly wait!

Ali Kat said...

Reggie, you are making me incredibly jealous. Although, I have to say that it's actually quite warm here for this time of year (1 degree celsius), so I can't complain much. Enjoy planning your holiday!