Workout Time!

This could possibly be my last blog entry for a while, or forever for that matter. You see I have not worked out since December 21, 2006. I have eaten bacon, cheese biscuits, candy, nuts etc to my complete pleasure. I feel puffy and bloated.

I just know that in a 30 minute cardio workout that I will kill over…..I can just feel it.

I will report back hopefully, until then I bid you adieu (Ali says that I think its cool).

PS – I made it!


Ali said...

You just made my day, someone thinks something I say is cool!

I'm sure you will have a fabulous workout, I'm a little far away to perform any sort of life saving technique, so I'll just have to hope that you make it through!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. Tom and I will meet at the gym after work. I sure do need it but know it will be hard!!! And as always it will be crowded in January and but then we will be back to normal by Feb.