A Vacation Moment.....

Every year when we go to St Croix we end up renting a Wrangler Jeep. A Wrangler Jeep is uncomfortable, eats gas, and has no storage for luggage or groceries. You can barely fit 4 adults in a Wrangler.

Every year we debate whether to get a real car or a Jeep. The Jeep always wins out every year.

As soon as possible we take off the roof. If it rains we simply pull the drain plugs and ride on.

The combination of looks, power and drive feel make the vehicle unique. Driving a Jeep down there is like putting a “tourist” sign on your back. I don’t care. I am a tourist and I love driving a Jeep for a week.

It is so much fun to ride at night with the top down through the country side with the warm air blowing through your hair. Yes, both the men on this trip have hair.

So the next time you travel, treat yourself to a Wrangler Jeep.