Good News….Bad News

I have increased my time available to surf the Internet by at least 80%......I have increased my time to do other things by 80%.

I may be late to the dance here but last night (about 7:30 PM) I finally, in a glow of light and angelic singing, figured out how to use RSS on Google Reader! I mean how cool is this?

First I loaded all the blogs I read. Now if ol’ Zig or Ali update then, pop! I see immediately who has updated and I can go directly to the blog and not waste time looking to see if James updated, Ali Kat, etc.

I loaded all the news feeds I read, along with sports and weather and bam! Only updated material is presented back to me. I feel empowered!

For those that are still unenlightened then please read the article I saw yesterday and expect a host of heavenly singing to follow.


mr zig said...

Hm.. you're right, RSS reader is cool... but, my problem is the way it displays the new content. It takes away the "look" of each individuals blog. (unless there are settings to change that... I'll have to look into that) -

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


If you use the reader it will identify and update. Then you can click the update to read the content, or click the arrow to take you to the actual page.


mr zig said...

oooh - well, then I do Like it! - time to add a few more blogs to it! :)