On The Phone

This morning I had three objectives. No four.

First I wanted to buy my new camera. I decide on a Canon A710-IS. I looked at Circuit City and it was $359. I checked Sams Club and it was $298. I did a Google and found a place called Broadway Photo and it was $242. What a difference. So that got accomplished.

Then I need to activate the old Earthlink account for dial-up from St Croix. I have done this for years. I simply activate the account for a month, use the local access number and shut the account down until I need it again. So I talked to the person and rationally told them what I was going to do. The agent did everything in heaven and earth to sell me bundles of landlines, wireless phones, DSL, you name it.

So I go to look up the local St Croix number and I am unable to find it. I went to the support chat room and they were unable to find it. The number is no longer offered.

Now I have to call them back to disconnect. Oh you would have thought I was their last customer. She couldn’t understand why I was doing this horrible and regretful thing that I was asking them to do. Finally she listened to my problem and she disconnected the account. I told her for the past hour that I have been a very happy Earthlink customer and not to take this so personal.

So, mission not accomplished.

Now I have to call American Airlines and pay them $200 to cancel my flight since I booked on US Airways instead. They charge this must to reinstate my air miles. $200 is a lot of money for zero fun. I am dreading this call.

Lastly, I called Direct TV to cancel one of my receivers. It was the one I took camping and it was very old and undependable. I will now take two TIVO boxes when we camp.

Now I am going to have to find a local St Croix dialup provider. I can’t go a week without a connection, no way.


Ali said...

Holy! I just dragged myself out of bed and you've already accomplished so much today!

I guess since I can have a proper cup of coffee this morning then I have no excuses about cleaning the house.

Good luck with your American Airlines call, and especially with finding somewhere you can get the net for a week. A week with no blogs from you would be pretty boring!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you Ali. I do some of my finest blogging on vacation.