Dogs in Stores

At lunch today, I cut through a high end department store makeup counter on my way to the shoe repair department.

There was a woman there at the counter who was dressed like she was ready for Halloween, with some rodent looking dog in her arms. I commented to my friend Ty that I bet they would kick me out of here if I brought in my dog Cedie.

Ty then told me a story about a blind friend of his who lives in Washington, DC. He has a seeing eye dog that goes everywhere with him. One day he was in a very high end retail store doing some shopping. Ty explained that his friend has some vision but it is very limited.

Suddenly his dog gets explosive diarrhea right there in the store. I mean this poor dog must have been pinched up for hours and his owner had no way of knowing that his dog needed to go.

The poor guy was suddenly enveloped in stench and potty noises while people around him started screaming. Poor guy…..poor dog.

I’m not sure why I am telling you this, but it is funny now in retrospect.


Logzie said...

Gives new meaning to the phrase
"s*#t happens" huh?

That POOR guy!!!