Everything Was Just Fine When I left at 2:10......

I just finished a workout downstairs and took the elevator back to my office from the basement to the first floor. There stands a guy that rushes the elevator door as soon as the door opens in a complete breech of elevator etiquette. You always wait for the elevator to empty then go on board. Jeeze!

Then I sat down and look at the news to see that Canada has filed a complaint against the United States over what it claims are illegal government handouts to American corn growers, and is challenging whether the billions of dollars in overall farm subsidies paid out by the U.S. government comply with international commerce rules.

Oh great. I thought we were like border buddies. Now I’m feeling tensions from Canada all the while thinking that I may not be playing by the international corn rules. Double damn!


Logzie said...

Can't we all just get along??