Tension at Home

Poor Cedie is down to her last nerve and Gigi is standing all over it. As you may recall, Cedie (our three legged aussie/border collie) has a very low tolerance for coughing. Even the mere act of clearing your throat may set her off to a low grumbling growl as she leaves the room. She sounds like a cross between a Wookie and Hillbilly Bear.

Add in 10 days of Gigi being sick, coughing and hacking and you can imagine the tension going on in this household. Right now Gigi and Cedie are barely on speaking terms. Cedie just looks at Gigi like, “You disgust me.”

In brighter family news I now have my proper coffee creamer. Oh thank goodness for Carnation Evaporated Milk with vitamin D added. Maybe it was the vitamin D that I was missing and Zig will miss always?