A Rare Rant

It was a semi fretful holiday.

Gigi is still quite sick. She recovers just barely and then rolls back to a fever and bed rest. She has been sick since Christmas.

I took her to the doctor today. This is her third visit since she has been sick I was ready to unload only to find that the doctor was called off on an emergency.

My MIL is here for a few days. The dogs absolutely love her. Enough said.

Gigi and I were talking on the way into town about the crudeness of the pharmaceutical industry in the US. We were thinking about actually seeing a doctor, then getting written scripts, then waiting an hour for someone to count pills.

With all due respect, I know pharmacists are highly educated. My grand-father was, and my cousin-in-law and a friend are pharmacist.

Good Lord, can’t this business be at least somewhat computerized? Wouldn’t it be faster and more efficient for the nurse to transmit the exact prescription to the pharmacy for us to pick up on our way home? Instead we wait in line with a piece of paper with sick people waiting for our overpriced drugs?

Why is it so difficult to count pills? Are you so busy compounding drugs like my grand father did? No!

Why can’t common controlled medication be pre-counted like over the counter drug are; especially the most common drugs. That would free time for the real difficult pill counting.


Peach Pod said...

Why is your MIL there when Gigi is sick as a dog?

Logzie said...

Preach it!!

I have OFTEN wondered the SAME thing!