Red Bull

I have a good taster. I enjoy food and I love wine with all the subtleties that each bottle produces. While tasting can be pleasurable, I find that tasting can be a source of displeasure.

Gigi gives me many supplements every morning to “try and keep me alive” as she says. Two of those supplements are fish oil and cinnamon. Every so often, I’ll let a little digestive burp and am surprised when I suddenly taste something like a two day old cod. Recently I belched cinnamon, and I kid you not, brown powder blew from my mouth. It was more pleasurable than the cod I assure you.

Yesterday I bought a Red Bull energy drink. I didn’t know what the hell it was. I had just seen them around convenience stores a lot and I knew the younger crowd drank them. They had two kinds of Red Bull energy drink. I bought the sugar free and was shocked to find out it cost $2.

I wasn’t sure if I needed to shake it or treat it like a carbonated drink. I gave it a few shakes and opened the top to a dull thud.

There was a very putrid sweet smell like antifreeze or brake fluid. I paused to read the can again just to make sure I wasn’t about to drink some power steering fluid. No, it was a Red Bull. So I took a big swig and boom! It tasted like someone had dumped Pixie Stix in a cup of brake fluid. Nasty!!!

I called Gigi and asked her about this stuff. She was clueless and said not to drink it. Then she questioned how I knew what brake fluid taste like?

You can smell stuff and get a good idea of what it tastes like with the exception of some cheeses.

So if you drink that crap more power to you. I’ll pass and keep my $2 from now on.


Peach Pod said...

I know what you mean. Mark drinks that crap. I always imagined it tastes like the killer kool-aid they served at Jonestown. Totally Gross!

Ali Kat said...

MMmmmmmm, Pixie Stix are sooooooooo good on their own!!

Logzie said...

You had me rolling on the ground laughing at the part that described what your burps taste like!!!! Gross!!! But funny!!!