Be Strong

Okay, vacation is over. I will be strong.

I try to design my week after vacation to be a relative plunge back into work.

This time I have planned the wading end to the deep end immersing.

This morning I will go into the office and sign a bunch of stuff, open mail, make some decisions and prepare for tomorrows meetings.

Then off to an afternoon tee time with my associates. It’s a meeting of sorts, honest.

I consider this my first attempt at a gradual compression back to work rather than the traditional plunge. I can already tell I like the concept.

Last night I woke up and could have sworn I was in the RV.

The dogs were ecstatic to learn that we did not sell the house. They were very happy to get home and run off leash.

Haley ran inside and went straight to her toy box to take inventory. Gosh they are smart.

I started the day as usual making coffee. As I poured the milk it slipped from my hands and slashed all over the floor. From nowhere dogs rushed in and began lapping up the milk. What friends they are! If life gives you spilt milk, mix it with dirt and dog hair and make something disgusting from it is their motto. I’m sure it tasted good to them and it sure was a help to me.