Gigi and I were riding our tandem bike this morning when I rode through a big whiff of stink.

I asked Gigi, “Did you smell that? It smells like cat pee.”

“No”, she said. “I wasn’t breathing in.”

Then it occurred to me that the sense of smell is very dependant on breathing in.

Every other sense works all the time, seeing, feeling, hearing and touching.

At lunch so many people were talking at once that I couldn’t understand a damn word anyone was saying. Then I got accused of being deaf when I realized Gigi was talking to me. I had no iota of what she said.

Isn’t it frustrating when you have a big ol’ sneeze worked up and loose it just before you can finish it? It reminds me of something else.

Uncle Wendell can and tries to eat fried oysters every day. In the morning he talks about how good the fried oysters were last night. In the afternoon he talks about trying to find another place to eat fried oysters.

He ate some particularly good oysters last night at Spankys. He said Spankys would bankrupt him if he lived here.
Last night Sharon gave me two real cool books on Home Brewing. I really enjoyed making that batch of beer. I hope Pickens the cat is watching over it while I’m gone.