That's All Folks!

Today is tear down day. It always sad to pack up the gear and head home, not to mention it is a pain in the ass.

The dogs really enjoyed the beach trip yesterday. They are all stepping more lively this morning, no wait; they somehow know we are going home. How stupid for me to assume the beach memory did it. They see me packing and know they want to be on board.

If all goes well we can be home in about 7 hours. If not I can change a tire this time.

I have had a very good wireless Internet connection until two days ago. Now I can’t even post the blog or check email. This is camping, so I expect to suffer some inconveniences.

Thank goodness the satellite TV and TIVO worked as expected. I don’t think we could bear the hardship otherwise.

I’m planning to ease back into work Monday. I have a vigorous morning ½ day planned followed by an important meeting on the golf course with all my reps. I sure hope my past two games follow through on Monday.