Golf Philosophy

It was a really nice this morning here in Charlotte. It was very slow in heating up and there was a warm and constant breeze most of the morning.

I had an 8:00 AM tee time with my pal Ty at our country club. As usual he was running late but the golf course was not appearing to be crowded. I would have thought that a good crowd would be gathered by now to beat the midday heat.

We managed to get up to the number one tee box on time and started a very casual and unrushed game.

By number three, par 3 we were both getting into our game and getting relaxed. After the tee shot we rode to the green together to putt.

Ty commented, “You know, someone this morning just made a million, someone just lost a million, someone died, someone was born and someone just got the bad news that they have terminal cancer. And we are playing golf on a beautiful morning.”

I understood that of all the things going on in the world, we were now at this moment pursuing exactly what we wanted to do and didn’t just for this moment have any worries or stresses. The outside world was still spinning and full of stresses but just for now we were enjoying our life as we should always do.

This is heavy for Ty.

He shot a great front 9.

I shot an expected 102 in 18 and thoroughly enjoyed it.