Say It Ain't So

I don’t want to hear it in the fall when there are two whole NFL football games on the same day. Whoopee!

Take a look at last night’s network TV schedule for 8:00 PM and I’m not making this up.

CBS Rock Star: Supernova
ABC The One: Making a Music Star
FOX So You Think You Can Dance
UPN America's Next Top Model
NBC America's Got Talent

How sissy is that? Oh dear, I have to choose one.

Actually my wife was quit psyched about, “So You Think You Can Dance”.

I meanwhile watched the last vestige of any manly programming by tuning into the award winning “Deadline!” on HDNet. It’s a news show with High Definition cameras and a pretty and sassy newscaster. Gosh it was clear.

So I eventually join her to watch this dance contest.

The first contestants were thrilled to have drawn the Hip Hop category.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know much about the Urban Hip Hop culture. I do know outwardly they all wear giant New York Yankee baseball caps sideways, and they all wear giant gigantic baggy shirts, with gigantic baggy pants, and wear gigantic gaudy necklaces, and hold their hands in such a way that you think they may all have arthritis.

That’s about all I know about Hip Hop so this upcoming dance should be a treat, because I know it going to show something big for sure.

Sure enough, the couple strikes a post in oversized clothes and the music starts. It struck me that someone had just thrown two kittens on a hot griddle. The movements were very jerky and fast. As soon as they headed in one direction they would reverse to the other direction.

Enough of that and I rolled over for a snooze.

Oh well, this is my penance for the upcoming football season.


Peach Pod said...

I had the same reaction last night. TV sucked!

I watched a show I recorded on the DVR: "Eureka" Its a new show on SciFi. You'd like it.

Prayer we should all say in the summer:

Dear God,

Thank you for the DVR and Tivo.


Ali said...

I'm sorry but I'm with your wife on this one, 'So You Think You Can Dance' is a wicked show. Normally I hate those kind of hokey shows but most of these people can actually dance. However, it gave me a great morning laugh to have you describe a hip hoppers hands as having arthritis - that's a perfect description!
PS I loathe the football season, however in Canada my husband is already watching the CFL, so I've lost him already.

Ali said...

Ha, Ha Gigi - those are my exact favourites too, I actually teared up when Heidi and Travis did that park bench routine.
I also agree that Benji is awesome, I hope he wins!