The Most Important Possession in Life

I used to be very active in the church. In fact I am an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church.

Every quarter I would go out with my pastor and we would visit shut-ins and give them Communion.

Most of these folks were very old and very feeble. Most would be dead by our next visit.

All of the nursing homes we visited were government sponsored and the level of care was minimal at best. In there defense it must be a struggle for them to hire qualified and caring people.

As soon as you entered the facility you learned to shut off your nose and get used to seeing very old people naked. Whew!

Back to the point…..most folks at this stage in life have consolidated their possessions down to a bare minimum.

All of them had a picture of a loved on somewhere in sight. They all had on their own night closes and a change or two around.

Most if not all then had the rest of their possessions consolidated down to a cigar or small shoe box, which usually contained grooming items, a comb, tooth brush, lotion, a few keep sakes, some religious item, and always no matter who it was functioning set of fingernail clippers.

The fingernail clippers were the common denominator with everyone no matter what.

The reason I had privy to these prized positions is that often the person would share an additional picture of a family member with us or take out that sacred religious item when we were about to give them Communion. So I could see the contents of their important stuff.

Yep, fingernail clippers topped the list every time.

Forget your fancy possessions, the only thing that really matters in life are fingernail clippers.