Yesterday while Hunter and I were golfing and collecting bacteria at the water park, Gigi was busy cooking up a classic Southern dinner for the gang.

The menu was slow cooked stew beef, rice, corn, fried okra, pecan pie, buttered bread, and I’m sure I forgot something.

I ate I know a quart of the okra.

Dinner was followed by a very muscular and powerful thunderstorm. We all stayed dry in the tent room and appreciated the cooling breeze.

Around 8:00 PM a lightening hit knocked out the power to the campground.

Electricity is the lifeblood to any RV park. It is the source of precious air conditioning, television entertainment, lights, etc.

In a few minutes all the RV’s become stagnate dark and boring. Soon you see people wondering around in the dusk like zombies hoping for a cool breeze and anything entertaining.

I called it quits and went to sleep.