RV Living

Living in an RV demands exact and well planned moves.

Last night I was making my way to bed. It was almost pitch dark. There were border collies of various sizes laid out across the floor.

My goal was to get to bed and not step on any dog legs.

As luck would have it I missed all the dogs but stepped on the edge of their water bowl flinging the contents all over the tiny living room.

Even though the room is small the drone of the air conditioner acts like a jamming device on hearing. You have to be very close to someone to hear them.

Just this morning I heard Gigi ask, “Did you fart?”

“No!” I said hurtfully. This was a legitimate question but I was innocent.

“Did I fart?” I repeated.

“No, I said I love you with all my heart.”

Cedie has a morning routine where she asks to get in the bed with us anywhere from 3:30 AM on.

Since she only has three legs it requires on of us to get up and give her a boost. Otherwise she will sit by the bed side and annoy you until you do get up and put her in bed with you.

I carefully crawled off the end of the bed, hoisted Cedie up and gently bent over to get back in the bed. For some reason Gigi had her knees bent skyward and I banged my mouth on her knees. Ah the room in an RV.

Haley has a disgusting habit of literally floating up on the bed in the morning and taking deep sniffs of my breath. Then she commences to rolling all over my face like she has found the perfect stink to roll in.
She repeats this with Gigi.