Beer Review

As NFL football season approaches the time has come to brush up on old tailgate recipes and test new recipes and brews.

Last night I fired up the testing grounds and bought some Johnsonville Original Brats, two ears of white corn, and bought a 6 pack of the new Heineken Light.

I cooked the brats slowly over charcoal along with the ears of corn. I simply removed the silk on the corn and recovered the ear in its own husk so the ears could stream.

Now to kick back and enjoy a beer so I grabbed a cold Heineken Light.

Heineken Light is not your typical light beer. I like all beers however expect most lights to be very mild in flavor and very light in body.

This beer was different. It had the boldness of an American Lager in a light beer. The beer in no way tasted like a regular Heineken but stood on it’s own as a nice refreshing larger.

There was a more pronounced hop taste that you expect from a Heineken but it was scaled way back from a regular Heineken.

The familiar green bottle was a little taller than it mother brew but folks around you know you are having a Heineken at a glance.

I would buy it again but warn you to stay away if you are expecting a heavy hopped full body beer.

It is a very good refreshing beer that could replace your Corona or Budweiser and cut you calories at the same time with little compromise in taste. It stands on its own.