The Man in Black

Well it’s Saturday and we have but one last day of vacation.

This morning I have to fuel up the truck, get some more bottled water and pick up the spare tire.

Then we must walk down clam creek with the dogs. We have not done the walk this year which we usually do daily.

Haley is still such a handful, Peaches is still recovering from ACL and Cedie moves at her own speed. None of the dogs are in sync like last year.

Yesterday I played golf and shot a 94. This is incredible for me. Up to this point I had only broken 100 three times. I shot the third 99 score just the other day. Now a 94!

This afternoon at around 3 PM we plan to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and then one final oyster run to Spanky’s with the family.

The man in black finally showed up yesterday. He’s not much of the outdoorsy type. He loathes sweat, deet, mosquitoes, campfires, shorts, dirt, rednecks, socio economically deprived, comfort food, dogs, outdoor chairs, trees, sky, children, cats, wind, surf, sand, etc.

He is more at home in air conditioned cars, malls, bookstores, suits, hotels, black clothes, airplanes and Applebee’s.

However we are grateful to be in his audience for his annual single visit. Last year he was grouchy on his visit. This year he was not as grouchy.

He sits and tells us of his conquests and insults us all.

Usually he upsets the natural order of things when he arrives. The man in black will give directives on scheduling just before he leaves.

I used to have an uncle much like this but we won’t go into that now. Suffice it to say he was a peculiar recluse, and will still joke about him 20 years after his death.