Monsters and Border Collies

Haley and Cedie do not like monsters. Whatever real or perceived they are very cautious about what they can’t understand.

Haley will resist going outside for days after a thunderstorm. She’ll creep out, look to the sky and run back to the door.

At night Haley sleeps on the end of the bed. Whenever Gigi or I twitch our feet Haley will jump straight up in the air. She is positive that monsters live under the covers and one day those monsters will get her.

Cedie has nightmares and comes running to us in the night when she wakes from a nightmare.

Cedie and Haley both fear the dark.

Peaches is horrified by lady bugs and we know chirping fire alarms. Go figure.

Today Gigi thought it would be great fun if she hid in the tub, disguised her voice and tried to scare Haley.

She lured in Haley and Cedie was behind.

Gigi pops out of the tub making monster noises and both dogs scramble for the door barking and snapping each other with their eyes as big as saucers.

Barking and general mayhem erupted.

Not a good idea.


Peach Pod said...

Isn't about time for a redneck report?