The Brewpub Report

I made my second batch of beer today. This new one is a lighter lager that is a clone of Heineken.

Actually it is ale and not a larger but it comes off as a lager, just in case there are some beer techies reading this blog.

This batch and maybe one more and I’ll be ready for the NFL regular season.

I also did something that I said I wouldn’t do.

I cheated and chilled an extra bottle of beer last night from my first batch for a taste test today. I put up four extra bottles which were actually old Red Stripe bottles. The other two cases were new bottles.

I plan to wait another week for the final release but had to know how it was coming along.

My biggest fear was that the beer would not carbonate properly and that it would somehow be contaminated and skunky.

As I open the beer and heard an encouraging spurt of air. Bubbles rose to the top.

When I poured the beer it made a very nice head about and inch in the glass. It had a nice amber color with a hop aroma.

The beer was awesome!

It is made as a Anchor Steam clone and had the same color as Anchor

It was as good as any microbrew ale that I have ever had.

I decided to “test” two more bottles just in case this first one bottle was a fluke. All bottles were great. I should have made my own beer years ago.

The quality is second to none. You can really detect the freshness over store bought and the taste is up with any import or microbrew.

This first batch was is a complete success and now I look forward to two mores cases of the delicious beer.

7/16/2006 7:26:28 AM

A quick check of yesterday’s new beer batch and all is well. The fermentation is taking place as it should.

I should be set to transfer to the beer to the glass tank next Saturday and refill the primary tank with a new batch. Ah, the old assembly line.

Then bottle the second batch the following Saturday and transfer the third batch to the glass tank.