On Our Way

The eagle has landed and vacation begun.

I finished my afternoon appointment and headed home. Gigi had everything in order.

We boarded the truck starting first with those needing special assistance, and Cedie came on board, then those traveling with young children, Haley is the baby. And finally those passengers in the main compartment were boarded, Gigi, Boscoe and Peaches.

Haley and Cedie ride up front with me. Boscoe sits on my headrest and Gigi and Peaches sit in the back seat.

We got to Sweetwater about dusk and backed into a slot. Gigi took the dogs out to “do their business” while I set up the camper.

I hooked up Gigi’s new flat panel TV to the TIVO. It looked and worked very well with one exception. The audio failed. I can’t figure out what is wrong. So, we roughed it the first night and had to watch HBO in closed caption.

Speaking of roughing it, we decide to bring the Bunn coffee maker along this time. We miss the quality and speed of the Bunn when we travel. So we swapped out the old Mr. Coffee and put in the Bunn from Home. Awesome road coffee!

The dogs were so excited to wake up in a strange place by the lake. Right now Haley and I are watching this orange sunrise over the foggy lake. Gigi is out shooting a few pictures of it.

Let see, red sky in morning, sailor takes warning. I’ll bet we’ll have thunderstorms tonight.

We plan to pull out in a few hours and hit I-95 south to Jekyll Island.