Colors of the Week

I associate colors with the days of the week. I have done this all my life.

Back in college I wrote a paper on this subject and received a B-. I think the professor thought I was a nut.

Ever since then, I have kept this color association a secret. I figured that this concept, if made public, would be the final straw for some adult to commit me to a mental institution.

Some days colors are constant like Wednesday. Wednesday has been a yellow day all my life.

Thursday has always been uniquely amber. No other day has ever been amber.

In fact, most days are confined to several basic colors blue, green, yellow, and red with an occasional but rare mix if the day is changing colors.

There are no rules to the colors; it’s just what I mentally see. The colors rarely change but can change over time.

Now the weird part of the story just in case you didn’t think this was creepy enough.

Two years ago at a crowded family Christmas dinner, my oldest sister Etta somehow starts talking about how she associates colors with the days of the week.

I jumped in and said I too have colors for each day of the week. My nephew Tom thought this was absurd and accused of rehearsing this routine for after dinner family entertainment.

As soon as Etta and I realized we had the same associations we started blurting out the colors. All days matched exactly with Wednesday and Thursday being exactly the same constant and the exact same color.

I wonder how our brains got wired this way?

This association skipped Judy the middle child.

Color Key

Monday – Turquoise (currently, I think this day is changing colors)
Tuesday – Green (Currently and most often but sometimes yellow)
Wednesday – Always Yellow
Thursday – Always Amber (more of the color of tea)
Friday – Yellow (currently)
Saturday – Blue (currently)
Sunday – Yellow (currently)


Peach Pod said...

I don't have a color du jour thing. I have a dreaded month thing. I dread August. For some reason, if something strange is going to happen to me, it happens in August: a relocation announcement, bad news, a person who impacts my life pops up in August, etc. And August is just 2 weeks away. (BTW, I met Mark in an August.)