Peaches Revisited

As you recall, I tossed the carbon monoxide alarm into the yard the other night and that was the end of the story, right?

Not a chance.

Yesterday I came home from work and was greeted by my usual entourage. Two happy care free border collies, one serious and concerned border collie and my bride.

Peaches has always been a serious and stressed out dog. She worries far too much and is an ideal candidate for Prozac. We even talked to the vet about Prozac once and the vet agreed. We never followed up on the advice.

Border collies in general are a smart and quirky breed. Peaches has taken this behavior to a new level of eccentricity. We love her for this though and actually consider Peaches the smartest of the three dogs.

Back to the story; Peaches is greeting me on the deck yesterday when from out in the yard comes the dreadful chirp from last nights bed wetting incident.

I guess Peaches is thinking this is some real life Terminator movie where you just can’t kill the machine no matter what.

Suddenly Peaches starts acting real funky, does a semi squat, and starts running away from the house all the while leaving a trail of dog pee.

She ran completely out of our yard, down past the redneck brick pile, through the DMZ redneck’s yard and off to the deep woods toward the creek. I ran after her calling her name but she continued to run like a possessed dog.

I knew she would come back and she did shortly. She was all wet from having gone to the creek for safety.

Meanwhile I stomped the “machine” until it no longer chirped and toss it in the garbage.

End of story.

I hope.