I'm A New Old Person and I Need to Get Used to It

On our way home yesterday we pulled over to a McDonalds/Gas Station for some burgers and a quick pit stop for the dogs.

I walked in and ordered two small fries and two cheese burgers and two small drinks.

This whole idea of small anything flies in the face of corporate food America. Everything is supposed to be Super Sized. Low and behold you’ll notice that most people are super sized.

My meal gives me just over 500 calories and I am satisfied. Their meal would give me 1200 calories and I would be stuffed and soon fat.

The lady explained that for 7 cents more I could get twice the fries if I upgraded. I told her no thanks, but I could tell this troubled her. It wasn’t an issue of money, I just wanted to control the portion.

So she read me back the order, “Two small fries, two cheeseburgers, and two senior drinks”.

“Senior drinks? What the hell?” I’m thinking.

Holy crap, a senior drink! I am old right here in McDonalds. Where’s a mirror? I am in a mental panic. Show me something shiny so I can see my reflection. When did this happen?

Have I suddenly wrinkled up and humped over since I left the truck. There must be some mistake.

“Yes”, I said. That sounds right.