Nude RVing

The RVing lifestyle is extremely varied.

There are some people here living a 5 star Ritz Carlton experience in a million dollar motor home and others are on the verge of human existence in a tent.

Most folks fall into the resort Hampton Inn experience with a fairly new travel trailer or motor home with AC/heat, carpet, a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

In no time you meet your neighbors and their pets or kids and find out what they do and where they are from.

It is commonly accepted behavior to walk around and stop and talk to about anyone about most any subject.

You would never go around a hotel knowing anything about your neighbors.

Its fun to watch new people come in and set up, and watch the ensuing arguments of husbands and wives road weary and in need of rest.

Morning is always a quiet time with a few men wondering around with coffee mugs and the heavy smells of people splurging on bacon and sausage filling the air.

At night the places closes down pretty early. This campground is dead by 10 PM which is just fine for a good nights rest.

Very rarely do you get the type of riff raff that some associate with RVing like Cousin Eddie on Christmas vacation. My neighbor at home is more disgusting than anyone I’ve seen here so far.

For some reason RVing seems to attract lesbians. Not gay men however, just gay women.

I don’t pretend to be an authority on the gay lifestyle but somewhere the RVing and Lesbian lifestyle intersect.

For me a nudist campground would be miserable. Image how much off you would use? I am sure the off would also burn on some tender places that you did not want bitten.

Plus RVing doesn’t usually attract the most beautiful people and it so damn hot most folks would end up sitting around their trailer naked in the air conditioning. What fun is that?

One RV clothing optional resort shows a playground with a slide. That slide has to hurt and it has to be nasty. No thanks.


Peach Pod said...

This is freakin' weird! Can you imagine letting your child play nude on the wooden playground? My other question is, do they wear clothes to the mentioned Presidential Ball? What's the point of a big party if you don't get dressed up?