For you that don’t know, RVs have a sort of sewer system that needs servicing at regular intervals.

There is a sewer holding tank for “black water”, i.e. anything form the toilet and a holding tank for “gray water, i.e. anything from any other water such as a sink or shower.

In hot weather, the tank can start to kick up some awesome and smelly gas. Typically this gas is contained and vented through the roof.

About every three days a “dump” of the tanks is required.

Gigi has nothing to do with the sewer system. She ignores the fact that it exists.

It is my sole responsibility to maintain and service the sewer system.

In very hot and humid weather you can get a whiff of sewer bleeding over regardless of how well you service the system.

The dogs just love to help me service the sewer tanks in the summer.