Yellow Tape

As most of you know, I love St. Croix, USVI. It is my favorite vacation destination by far.

I cherish the friends I have met there and find the culture there unique and quintessential Caribbean.

I could live there especially in retirement, but seriously doubt Gigi could. So I’m happy to just visit a few times a year and maybe spend a month at a time there some day.

To me the weather is more desirable than any place on the mainland. The average daytime temperature ranges from 84 in the winter to 90 in the summer. Most of the island is bathed in a strong breeze that keeps the air fresh and the temperatures tolerable.

Yes it is warm in St Croix and down right hot sometimes. However the ever present big fluffy clouds provide intermittent shade and the ocean breeze is almost always present, making the heat warm and tropical, but not stifling. The evening is always windy and pleasant in the 70s.

Because of my obsession with St Croix I tend to spend far too much time watching the harbor cam. I watch the tourists having fun and I look to see if I recognize anyone. Once I saw Big Beard a local boat captain that I have met.

We always go to St Croix in February and this year we did a bonus visit and went again in May.

During this last visit in May I wanted to leave a little something to let everyone know I was there. I wanted whatever I did to be in site of the web cam so I could see it back home in Charlotte, but not noticeable enough that someone would remove it.

I thought it would be cool to see what I left behind and think, “Hey I did that”.

What I came up with was 1 inch yellow reflective tape. I applied the tape around the ever present light pole on the boardwalk.

My sister Judy watched from Durham as I applied the tape. We laughed on the phone together as she watched. I had a Corona to celebrate on the bench in front of the cam and watched the sailboats.

Why I do this type of stuff I will never know. Somehow though, when I view the yellow tape the web cam image seems more real to me. I was there. I look forward to visiting my yellow tape again God willing and may add another color next February.