Meals are always fun when you are camping. They are especially fun when family is involved.

I’ve been married into Gigi’s family for so long that they feel like blood to me.

Tonight Sharon and Hunter came over for dinner.

The menu was grilled pork chops supplied by Barbara and grilled by Reggie. We had boiled red skin potatoes, peas and white corn on the cob.

Lime cheesecake and yellow cake with chocolate icing was for dessert. It was awesome.

Wendell drank some North Carolina Blueberry wine with his dinner.

We all ate in our tent room that is under the RV awning. I have several fans to at least keep some air moving and hopefully cool us down a bit.

After dinner the ladies sit, drink coffee, laugh and chat until dark and the guys wonder off to other things.

I of course am blogging with my time and having a glass of merlot.

We have an 8:17 tee time in the morning. Its guys vs. the girls in golf.