Black Ants From Home

We brought some ants from home. Theses are great big old North Carolina ants. They don’t do much but walk around.

They are not biters like red ants or fire ants.

Gigi has personally killed about 2,500 ants with her bare hands. Gigi hates ants.

Haley has gotten to be a real good ant pointer. Gigi likes that. Anything for the cause.

These ants aren’t much of a nuisance except some got into Gigi’s lemonade and this made her furious. Gigi loves her lemonade and hates ants. This was a particular cultural error on the part of the ants.

Gigi switched to chemical warfare at this point. Now we have little ant poison traps all over.

The instructions say that the ants will eat this poison and somehow be talked into taking the poison home (which is our RV) and it will kill all the ants and their queen.

Now I see sickly and confused little ants walking around.