You Gotta Try This

I love saltine crackers and peanut butter. I prefer Zesta saltines and crunchy Jiff peanut butter to be exact.

I only eat one or two peanut butter crackers every so often to stave off hunger if I’ve missed a meal. It’s not like I sit around in my shorts and undershirt and stuff them down. I carefully prepare one with the salt side opposite where I am putting on the peanut butter as God intended.

Occasionally I’ll step it up a notch and make it with 2 crackers and peanut butter in between.

This morning I decided I wanted two of these little sandwiches and thought, “how would it be with three crackers and two layers of peanut butter?”

I decided to go for it and even filled in the sides with more peanut butter to smooth the whole treat out to a neat little block.

I figured the things would crumble when I bit into it but to my surprise and delight it stayed together and the peanut butter bond allowed me to take smaller bites than usual.

Yes it was decadent but good. This of the calories I save by leaving off one cracker too!