Necessary Updates

I was rightfully and correctly insulted by a reader in Canada. She said about my webcam,” I've only seen you at your desk once and the cyclone of papers never seems to be cleaned up.”

So today I am shuffling papers and attempting to clean up the desk.

In other news, the bricks remain on the right of way next to my mailbox. I called Sgt. Witherspoon with the NC Highway Patrol and he assured me that this will be resolved. He has called in Code Enforcement and again said that this will be resolved.

And now on the matter of the smoke alarm...

I changed the battery but we still heard the chirping. So I pulled the batteries and installed a new smoke alarm.

We still heard chirping. This is strange. How can it chirp without electricity?

The chirping really scares our number one Border Collie Peaches. Last night she started freaking over the sound, went into a panic attack of some sorts and peed in the bed…..our bed.

So nice fresh sheets were in order at 1:00 AM!

I tossed all smoke alarms both dead and alive out in the back yard and we still heard chirping.

Finally Gigi ventured into the dreaded junk bedroom. There is so much stuff in there and we are not sure exactly what’s in there to boot.

At last Gigi found the source of the chirping. It was an old Carbon Monoxide alarm that was on its death bed.

I tossed it out with the others and resumed a peaceful nights rest.


Ali said...

Whoa, I did not mean to insult you, I promise. I was simply pointing out the fact that your desk seemed to look a lot like the hideousness that is my desk.
I don't want all the American's out there hating the little Canadian girl! :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

My sister liked the improvement as shelurks from Durham, NC. The clean desk got noticed by her right away.

Now, can I keep the desk clean? I doubt it.