The Dog Days of Summer

Boy are we ever in the Dog Days of Summer. It is so muggy, hot, hazy and humid that a nearby hurricane or tropical storm would almost be welcome. Except for the fact that then it would be too humid for human habitation.

Living in North Carolina presents real weather extremes. The winter is dark, rainy and cold.

I’ll put up my NC winters with 34 degrees and misty rain up against anybody else’s “blank” feet of snow and “blank” below zero. Both are miserable.

Cold is cold, dark is dark, crap out of the sky is crap out of the sky. Okay, we don’t shovel rain and shovel very little snow. Most of our snow melts in days.

However the ground stays squishy and is unfit for walking all winter.

This is the exact reason I go to St Croix every winter. In the winter it a nice North Carolina May in February. Does that make sense?

What am I doing? I’m about to work myself into a winter funk talking about winter. I love my hot summer in comparison.

Yes! I embrace this hazy ozone sunrise!

Another 92 degree day that feels like 100 is fine. At least I have firm footing and solid ground.

A golf ball bounces nicely on this ground too. I’ll look at the positives.