What to Do

The weather was almost perfect today. The humidly was low and the temperature was in the low 80’s if that.

We ended up riding bikes in the morning and agonized about how to spend the last afternoon on such a perfect day. Should we play golf? Should we go to the beach? When should we eat supper? What about the movie?

This discussion went on far too long. A decision was never rendered.

I ended up taking a nice relaxing nap, woke up, had a few beers and went to supper. Fried oysters again at Spankeys.

The 7:00 PM movie was sold out so…. back to the campground. Hello!! When you have a blockbuster movie on your hands consider showing it in multiple theaters.

This whole area is lacking quality food and quality entertainment. I can’t quite figure out the mindset or the mental disconnect. Someone in the Golden Isles needs to take some classes in tourist 101. I think there are too many state employees.