10 More Things...

Of all the precious metals, I like silver the best. I think a little gold complements it beautifully. The only jewelry I wear is a plane gold wedding band and an island hook bracelet that is silver, wrapped in a little gold wire. Most guys don’t wear any jewelry.

I never understand when I suggest eating say, Chinese food on Wednesday, someone will say, “No, I ate Chinese on Monday.” What does that matter? Can you still taste it? Go brush your teeth, nasty. Some foods I can easily eat more than once a week…like any food.

I could eat pizza every day.

I hate it when I wake up in the middle of the night fully rested, ready to make the morning coffee and I turn over and see the clock says something like 1:16 AM.

I hate when I get up to do something, walk to where I need to be to do it, and stand there dumb as crap because I forgot what it was I was going to do. It makes me crazier when I go back, sit down, and then remember what I forgot.

To remember things, I repeat what I need to do three times in my mind in another person’s zombie like, monotone voice. I rarely forget if I do this.

You ever notice how goofy people walk when they are on TV and they are trying to act natural? I know I’ve done it before.

One time Gigi and I were interviewed on the local TV news station in the Charlotte Airport, one year after 9/11. They didn’t use any of my footage and had Gigi just yakking away on the 6 PM news. I guess it was because I walked like a goofball in front of the camera.

Gigi and I have needed to go to the emergency room before but didn’t either because it was very late or we didn’t want to wait in line. I “slept” one night on our bathroom floor with a kidney stone rather than go in the ER in the middle of the night. I went the next morning and had emergency surgery to remove the stone. In retrospect, I should have gone earlier. I would have slept much better without the stone.

My favorite time of day is when I get home from work, kiss Gigi and watch the dogs make absolute idiots of themselves in happiness. I feel very loved and very much at home.


Unknown said...

I am the only guy I know (I guess aside from you) that wears jewelry. I wear 3 rings (including my wedding band) on my left ring finer, right ring finger, and left thumb. I also wear a watch everyday (I own 5) and usually a "Here's to the Heroes" Bud bracelet on my right wrist. I feel weird without them now.

That is pretty funny about the chinese food. I could eat chinese or pizza everyday. Or Chik-Fil-A

Ali said...

I sometimes hate to go to bed at night because I think I will miss something. I want it to be morning already so I can start the next day, not waste time sleeping.

I hate when I forget what I'm talking about mid-sentence. Never mind dumb as crap - I'm about as dumb as a box of hair when that happens.

I rarely remember anything on my own. Hence the sticky notes on every wall, eyeliner notes on the bathroom mirror, and list in every pocket of every article of clothing I own.

I would probably look normal walking on tv, since I look goofy to when I'm not on tv.

TerryC said...

I could eat pizza or chinese every day, too. Pretty much anything as long as I didn't have to cook it. Michael wears two bracelets that I bought him from "our favorite jewelry store" and a beautiful ESQ watch that doesn't keep time (not that it matters even when it's correct).
Coming home to our loved ones after work is a great time of day, but my favorite is waking up with my cute cuddly man and all the waggy tails.

Liv said...

I know for sure that the last one is true, you little pair of turtledoves!

Gigi said...

Whst's worse than you forgetting what you were saying but the realization that the person you were talking to has no idea either???Of course I take off on 'side streets' during my conversations so it's not hard for me or other people to have no idea what my orignal point was :)!!