Special Flies

This happens to me at least once a year; I run into a sickly, freaky, mentally challenged house fly. These flies always fly very slow and do stupid stuff like bump into your face or land on the crown of your head. They are way off of their normal game.

We had a fly in the house last night that was flying very slow, and trying to land on my face.

Today I played golf and a mentally challenged fly was pestering us.

Don asked, “Does a fly puke, or crap on you when he lands?”

“I think he pukes”, I said.

“No, I think he craps”, said Don.

“Then, why did you ask if you knew?”

Somehow the thought of a fly puking on me was superior to the thought of him crapping on me.


Ali said...

You are on such a roll lately!
I can never think of anything coherent to say in a comment anymore because I'm laughing too hard about each post.
Your mind is so wonderful, I only wish that mine worked so quickly!

Unknown said...

A retarded fly. I never thought about that.

TerryC said...

Yeah, don't you love it when someone asks you a question, you answer it, then they disagree with you because they have their own answer. Makes me nutty....Michael does it all the time, the cutie.