The first annual convergence of bloggers

Yesterday was strange yet enjoyable. Jeremy, Rhonda and I spent the entire morning crabbing. All we caught was two crabs and a tan.

We headed back for some lunch of grilled hot dogs.

Later in the day Liv and her sister Susan got a wild hair and headed down here to meet Peach Pod. Liv and I lurk on each others blogs and rarely comment. We did want to meet since the opportunity.

The first annual convergence of bloggers.

Scene Opens: It was a dark and stormy evening, 6 bloggers, 1 friend, 4 border collies sat in a camper in SE Georgia.

To catch you up, Gigi has volunteered to whoop some ass anybody what come and knock on this door again.

Reggie has mentioned that he’s a hunt and pecker. Many comments ensued.

Liv, informed Reggie: “Ease up there, cowboy.”

PeachPod was nominated as secretary of this unique meeting of blogger greats.

Susan snacked and Monkey Boy sang and played video games.

At one point, 3 conversations were happening in a 8x8 space: one about cats, one about how they met and another about cartoons.

Liv suggests that we are given the opportunity to ask a question of a blogger you may have always wanted to know.

Reg asked Liv: “In real life you seem so real, but in your blog you seem kind of murky. Why?”
I think that I’m so elusive on my blog because I know that my husband and his skank hoar. Because of pending litigation I don’t want to stir up trouble.

A lot of my thoughts in general present themselves as murky. As a blogger you are given the opportunity to present yourself in the way that you want to be perceived.

The next question was from Sharon from Liv: “Do you think you’ll blog as much if you find happiness?”

I’ll still find things to be irritated about! No, really I think my blog will move to be more of thinking blog or a family who writes about the humor in her life. I think that I will always write about something, and I hope that it will always be insightful, thoughtful, thought provoking and funny. And I may never find happiness.

Liv asked Reggie: “I noticed that you write a lot about day to day living, I wonder if there is something that you are passionately about that may change the direction of your blog.”

I can’t write about my business because of federal regulations. I wish I could write about the nature of the people I deal with, but can’t due to privacy issues.

Liv pushed a little more to see if there was something deeper in Reggie’s nature. Nothing was found! Liv has dubbed him, Reggie, Man of Leisure. Liv followed up with, “Is everything at the Reggie and Gigi ranch as it is presented on the blog.

Yup. It pretty much is. Gigi has made sure that Reggie know that she would leave him penniless and penisless if she had to. We may not always like each other but we always love each other.

Some perceptions of each other:
Reg of Liv: I thought she would be more aloof.
Liv of Reg: I thought he would be faster. More of a good ol’ Southern boy.
Liv of PeachPod: Your photos of yourself are more of the intense Grace Kelly look. In real life, you are very much more animated. Your posts can be very up and down emotionally on your blog, but you are more up in real life.
Liv on Gigi: Words used so far have been ‘firecracker’ and ‘livewire.’ Gigi interjected between comments about ass whooping that she’s a ‘people pleaser.’

Other topics that were discussed during the evening:
How many of the 10 commandments we’ve broken
Relationship ‘breaks’
Made fun of the other trailers
Hatred of perky married couples
Love of Stinky cheese
Reggie freaked out over how short life is.
PeachPod was declared a smart ass.

Man who knocked on door had parked golf cart on our property. Monkey Boy takes over typing. Man knocks on door asking for PeachPod to move her car.


Liv said...

Alrighty then! So, what we've learned here is...that meetin' up with random folk ain't so bad after all! I plan to make sure all of my future travel plans include wet and wild campgrounds and hounds! Thanks for the hospitality, and the opportunity to get a real view of la vida Reggie.

Ali said...

Awwww - that is so fantastic! I'm so glad you guys got to meet...and maybe just a little teeny bit jealous that I couldn't be there too.

MELackey said...

And nobody invited me?

Unknown said...

Thanks again for having us and for dinner last night. We really appreciate it!

ellie bee said...

great fun meeting you all! we have to do it again soon!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You too Ellie. I have been a long time lurker.