Stereo Installation....Day Three....

So far I have about 5 hours invested in this car stereo installation.

I put in a solid 2 ½ hours myself on Monday, and Circuit City gave it a solid 2 ½ hours yesterday. The speakers are still in the box but the radio is in.

I went in to Circuit City late yesterday around 4 PM. Gigi told me to call her if the wait would be long and she would pick me up. I told her not to worry that there was a World Market, Lowes Home Improvement, and Dick’s Sporting Goods that could consume my time. Then I found a sports bar next door that looked like a winner.

There was an old college football game on, so I sat at the bar to order a draught beer. The female bartender said, “What do you want sweetheart”.

I don’t like a strange woman calling me sweetheart, darling or honey. We don’t know each other that well and it makes me blush. Plus by ordering, I was acknowledging that I was her sweetheart.

Anyway the guy called from Circuit City, “Mr. Hunnicutt (deep sigh), this is going to take much longer than I thought. We are going to put in the radio tonight and have to install the speakers tomorrow.”

So now I have a cool looking radio installed and a bunch of speaker wires hanging down ready for speakers.

I did however get to tow my Jeep into town with my pickup and that is always cool. I’ll drop the Jeep off at 11 AM and head back to work.

I hope this gets completed today.


Unknown said...

A few observations.

1) I love World Market. I have found so many great food items there that I cannot find anywhere else. Plus there selection of everything else (like beer) is the best.

2) I agree on the sweetheart thing. I am not a fan of that either. I will say though I would rather have that then DUDE, which one of the Branch Managers calls me. It's a chick. I do not wanna be called DUDE by a chick.

3) Sorry about all the stereo trouble but I know you will love it when all is finally done. I expect pictures!

none said...

From my experience at circuit city and best buy their alarm and stereo departmants would be better staffed by drunk monkeys.

Good luck

Ali said...

Uh oh, we could have a problem on our hands when we meet.
I call a lot of people babe.
Not when I walk into a boardroom full of people for a meeting or anything, but a lot of people.
I don't think I can just call you Reggie - sometimes I will, but I like terms of endearment.
I hope Gigi doesn't mind it, because I know that I will love her and will call her babe all the time.

Anonymous said...

I don't like STRANGERS calling me terms of endearment either but kind of like it when people that KNOW me do.

Stacy said...

I hate when people do that. I don't know you don't call me sweetie. I think it's a southern thing.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh that would be okay Ali because we know each other.

A toatl stranger makes me stiff up.

Liv said...

Hey sugar, what can I get ya?

*liv silently wonders if she unfortunately called jay gray "dude"*

Scarlet said...

I had a guy call me "baby" at a store once. "Can I help you, baby?" It wasn't even a bar; it was Best Buy. I know how you feel.

Good luck with everything. Nice job at Snowman's place. I'm still laughing!

Anonymous said...

I thought all of you southerners called each other "sweetheart" and get away with badmouthing each other by adding "bless his/her heart" afterwards. At least that's what Peach Pod told me...

Michael said...

Its true! We know all sorts of folks from Arkansas (OK, at least two or three) and every one of 'em tacks "Bless her/his heart" on to any potentially derogatory statement about someone... bless their hearts :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

When a strange woman calls me sweetheart, darling etc., my subconscious will process that phrase as a sexual advance. I am married and not open to sex with strange or known women other than my wife. Now my subconscious is fighting a battle and causing regular old Reggie some stress.

Peach Pod does use the phrase sweetie, but I know her.

Bless your little old heart has no sexual foundation so it does bother me in the same way as darling/honey. “Bless your little old heart” loosely translates to “dumb-ass”.

Now in South Carolina if, if someone says, “I’ll be honest whitcha (with you)” then they are about to lie like a dog in heat. Not a single honest word is about to spill from their mouth.

TerryC said...

Generally, people in the service (restaurant) industry call EVERYBODY "honey" or "sweetie" or "darlin'". It's nothing personal. you really don't need to feel special or anything.
It's one of the things that Peter's girlfriend (who's sooo German) gets peeved about. Peter calls everybody "honey". So when he does it to her, it's not special.
"Baby" is something that Crucian ladies call each other and other ladies all the time. But "Babe" or "baby" from a guy who doesn't know you well is sexist. If it's your honey, it's okay