What She Said....

I had the most amazing break thru the other day. So amazing was it that it may have affected the long term nature of understanding of my life, and I am sure the life of my nephew Jeremy.

As I came out of my camper the other day, Jeremy’s wife Rhonda fretfully told me she had dropped some chocolate in her chair. Actually it was my fabric chair, and plenty of beer, coke, wine, and who knows what else had been spilled in that chair already.

I said to Rhonda, “That’s okay.”

Rhonda remained fretful looking.

Peach Pod stepped in to translate, “No sweetie, she is afraid she will get chocolate on her clothing. She wants you to go back inside and get a wet paper towel so she can clean her seat. Then be nice and throw away the towel when she is finished.”

Rhonda was now all smiles.

I looked at Jeremy and his mouth was hanging wide open as was mine.

In unison Jeremy and I both said, “Then why didn’t she say that?”

“It’s just the way us girls talk. Now go along and get her towel”, said Peach Pod.

Jeremy and I were dumbfounded at how little was said, yet the meaning was so specific.

How will we ever understand women?


Unknown said...

That is great stuff.

Ahhh women, life's one remaining true mystery.

Well that and why it is acceptable for cats to go to the bathroom INSIDE the house.

Anonymous said...

You guys are sooooo from another planet. Did you think she was expecting you to alert the media or something? Cute!!

Liv said...

And then there's me: jaded and in firm disbelief that anyone would do anything for me unless I shouted that I was indeed bleeding or on fire. Oh, yeah, and I'd probably plop my fat butt down in some melting chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm more like Liv. I would run around the entire campground looking for something to wipe up the mess with before I ever asked for help.

Peach Pod said...

It's just an issue of words vs. big picture. Men, in a case like this, focus on one thing: what was said, i.e. the words. Women pick up on the context of what is being said, how it is said, what is going on while the words are being spoken and so on.

Ironically enough, women who actually verbalize in the manner that you implied you needed are often mocked and referred to as chatterboxes. Damned if we don't; damned if we do.

Ali said...

Amen, Peach Pod!

Why can't guys just occasionally try to look beyond the words and see what is so blatantly obvious?
Any woman would have picked up on that immediately and known exactly what she meant.

But - and I may regret saying this - sometimes women ARE a bit...presumptuous in assuming men should just get what we're trying to say. Sometimes I even confuse myself.