Almost All of the Pleasure, and None of the Fat

I love morning at Jekyll Island Campground. It’s usually very quiet with a lot of breakfast activity going on.

This morning I rode my bike to the campground office looking for Teflon tape. On the way I would pass through zones of fantastic smells. First there was patty sausage, with smells distinctly different from link sausage, then the pleasant aroma of bacon, then coffee, and then the sweet smell of maple syrup.

Oh my, how lovely the smells without any of the fat.

What did I have for breakfast you might ask? A Dr. Oz power shake with protein and fresh fruit.


Michael said...

Mmm, Dr. Oz protein shake, yummmmm... not! We had mango/OJ/yogurt/green algae smoothies... for about the twentieth day in a row. Its mango season. (Terry also fixed yummy eggs and bagels with cream cheese).

Today, I'm trying my hand at making mango ice cream... at work! I've got a pretty cool job too ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually these are smoothies with a powder protein and vitamin base, water, banana, flax seed oil, honey (local),blueberries, and any other fruit of our choice.

I remember that giant mango tree of yours. Can you make mango wine???

Michael said...

Not yet, but we picked up some Mango champagne at Mango Melee Sunday, and a bottle of Passion Fruit too!

Now that we know the champion juicer does a champion job on mangos, I might try a mango cider next year ;)