Fun, Fun, Fun

Wow we have been busy. One week down here at Jekyll and the day of reckoning nears.

Yesterday was the family 4th of July dinner and fireworks. We watched Peach Pods fireworks from our Island. We all sat on this giant driftwood and had the best time.

Gigi drove us all to the beach at sunset. Me and the other kids rode in the back of my pickup. Most folks don’t know the fun of riding in the back of a pickup.

This morning we went fishing and caught shark after shark. We did stop and pet some of the local dolphins. They are so neat and very affectionate.


Logzie said...

What? Seriously, the dolphins came right up to you an smiled like that?? And you caught sharks?? Are you being serious?

Boy, I am a city girl!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes its true. I have seen dolphins many times here, but this fishing guide knew them well and they knew him. He banged on the boat and they swam over and I rubbed their noses.

There are lots of sharks here and the water is muddy. I don't swim here but a bunch of people do.

We caught bonnet sharks (look like hammer heads), lemon sharks, a good sized black tipped shark, and several sting rays as big as a car hood.

But the best part of the trip was the dolphins.

Logzie said...

WOW! That is amazing about those dolphins!!! Too Cool!!

I woulndn't swim there either...

Anonymous said...

That is way too cool Reg. We will definitely need to spend some time crabbing tomorrow. Should I bring my fishing pole as well? It won't handle anything big but it will come in handy fighting off parking lot nudes.

I went ahead and started my own blog after reading through yours and thinking this was a cool idea.

krista said...

SHARKS! Ahhh! Dolphins, Awwwww. I know the joy of riding in the back of a pick-up truck. The excitement as a kid! Still do it now and again! Sooo much fun!