Phones are getting worse, not better. I just called the national line for Circuit City to see about getting a car stereo installed.

I went through a long prompt system. Then a recording came on saying that they had unusually high call volume (at 7:30 AM?) and it may take a while for someone to answer. Maybe I should call back later…click…a real voice came on.

Suddenly a guy starts talking to me and it sounded like he was talking through a comb with wax paper. Remember doing that as a kid? It sounds all buzzed and such.

Then he paused and I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t have a clue about what you just said.”

“Buzz buzz buzz buzz sir, how did you find buzz our phone number?”

Like that makes a crap. “On you web site”, I said.

“Buzz buzz can I help you?”

There was lots of buzzing and talking. I felt like it was having supper conversation with the fly family.

Eventually he told me to take the Jeep and stereo by any Circuit City before 6:00 PM and the stereo would be installed that day without an appointment.

Okay…today I shall hear music!


Unknown said...

Good call! I hope that all works out. What stereo did you end up getting?

I am in charge of recording and setting up the phone tree here. You would never think that so much thought would go into such a thing but it is amazing how much of your time it consumes.

TerryC said...

I'm trying to remember the movie called "The Fly". The original with Vincent Price. I used to love Vincent Price movies.

Who was the guy that starred in the remake? That tall lanky, goofy-looking actor?

I liked the original better.

Unknown said...

Jeff Goldblum

Stacy said...

You would think circuit city would have a better system than that.

Anonymous said...

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