Pizza and Stereos

Why oh why does eating pizza before I go to bed make me so thirsty?

Yesterday I was running late for me. I had to meet a co-worker for a drink to discuss an issue, then I needed to drive my Jeep to East Charlotte to hook up literally with my truck and drive the two vehicles home in tandem.

First let me say that I had made a special CD for my Jeep stereo debut. The first track began, “Love in an Elevator” and I cranked it up for the volume test. I looked in my rear view mirror and could only see a blur. The in dash speakers were thumping the windshield enough to shake the mirror.

“Good enough”, I said.

Anyway, I hooked up the vehicles and headed to the grocery store to pick up one of those very thin frozen California Pizzas. I love those things. You can eat the whole thing and it might have 700 calories.

Anyway, I ate the whole thing.

I woke up at 3 AM and I felt like I was mummified. I reached for a bottle of water on my bedside, but none was there.

Darn, the case of water is still in the back of Gigi’s truck. Both of us were too lazy to take it out and now I am in full regret.

I managed to stagger to the sink and drank about 16 Dixie cups full of water, but it was like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic. 10 minutes later I did it again and was able to resume a decent amount of hydration.


Anonymous said...

I love those California Pizza Kitchen pizzas. I too get thin crust and eat a whole one. It makes me feel better than buying the regular crust, which I can eat a whole one as well :(