Meeting a Blogger

I’ve had a little time to digest my meeting with Liv this past weekend.

She is an equivalent in personality to Peter, but female and better looking.

When you get in a room with her, expect her to fill it up.

Liv has fantastic control over her mind, and it always seems to be racing. She has great depth of vocabulary and a sense of humor that runs from dry to downright slapstick.

When we were deciding on who was the best person to type in our meeting notes on the computer, I simply told her, “Liv, I’m a hunt and pecker.”

Liv screams, “Whoa there cowboy, not so fast. Let’s take this a little slower.”

We share a common love of stinky cheese, wine, and Makers Mark.

Gigi and I enjoyed meeting you Liv. I enjoy reading you more now that I have met you personally.


Liv said...

OMG. What I really love is upon inspection of the post about Peter:
"He’s like a big dose of fresh air with a fart. It feels good but something is amiss."

That is the greatest compliment I have every received by association. I, too, am enjoying your blog now having met you in person, and of course Gigi. She is liquid energy!

I *can't* wait to show you the photos that I took with my phone while the rain poured down!

Liv said...

oh, and just to annoy you, I will probably change my photo again soon.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You need to meet Peter....I'm not sure that St Croix is big enough for both of you though.

See what I mean? Even your photo is cloakey...if that's a word.

Come out in the light my friend.

Liv said...

my photo is meant to both scare and attract strange men. mission accomplished! yeah, well, when I turn up on your vacay in St. Croix just remember it was at your behest.

Peach Pod said...

I think Hunter Pecker should be your porn star name.