Evelyn Wilson Rules Are In Effect

Today we have declared this weekend an Evelyn Wilson weekend. It is a perfect time for one since storms are due, and I am still in recovery mode from vacation and the shock of work. I look back and it’s been a year since our last Evelyn Wilson weekend. We are long overdue.

I am ashamed to admit, this but the reason I drove the Jeep all week is I still have the RV connected to the truck. It must be parked and unhooked today.

I don’t think this would violate the Evelyn Wilson policy.


Kuckie said...

Hi Reggie..thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your post about your massage, and as a professional massage therapist, let me just say that some men DO think that they should lay face up, naked, on top of the sheet! I mean, REALLY. So, yes, we are VERY clear about that. Oh yeah, and also, people fart alot! Just though you might want to know you are not alone!! ;0)