Terry Is Talking

Terry is talking and I am happy. Actually she is writing.

It was Michael’s blog. Michael is a talker in real life but not a regular writer. Terry is not a big talker but apparently is the family writer.

Meanwhile I have checked this blog for sometime, blowing on the smoldering embers of words, hopping that it would flame up to a fully functioning blog. It finally has.

Terry has something to say. Add another Terry to your daily read and find out about life in paradise.


Michael said...

Yeah! Terry's Talking. I knew if I could just get her to write, she'd like it, and Reggie would add Livin' on St. Croix to his "Other Links and Blog's I read" list. That's been my dream since the day I started that blog ;)

I think I'm better at the technical side of maintaining the blog, than the actually writing of regular posts.

PS. I think I fixed the comment issue. Try it again Reg. Let me know if you still get an error.