Stupid, Stupid People

I watched a documentary yesterday about a climber who suffered tremendous frostbite on his hands and face attempting something stupid in a cold climate.

I don’t care stupid person. You shouldn’t have done that, whatever it was. You certainly don’t need to be on TV in high definition glorifying your stupidity.

Have you ever seen a bad case of frostbite? It’s like something out of a horror movie.

Frostbite is 99.99% avoidable. I frequent latitudes where frostbite is impossible.

What a stupid person. I can see me telling Gigi, “I’m going to Antarctica to see if I can cross the continent by foot, and my fingers and nose may turn brown and rot off.”

“Have fun”.

What really gets my panties in a wad is when we send in 3 million dollars worth of rescue equipment just so the idiot will stay alive and remain in the gene pool. What a waste.


Ali said...

I just peed a little.

TerryC said...

There are way too many stupid people contributing to the gene pool.

Good thing Michael and I will have one of the most brilliant children ever born!

ellie bee said...

I so agree. Darwin is turning in his grave...